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Become a guardian of your own health

There is no way to turn the clock back or to fight the inevitable. We age and the vigour of youth becomes only a memory as we are ravaged by time. Chronic illnesses take their toll, our health, vitality and strength diminish accordingly, and the best we can do is graciously accept our fate.

Once sickness is upon us, we give ourselves over to modern medicine and hope for the best. We can’t intervene. Or can we?

Why is it that, as a society, we pay so much attention to our health and yet we know so little about achieving a healthy life? Why is it we have handed over responsibility for maintaining our health and well-being to others to the point of hopelessness. We have become the products of our thinking and conditioning.

Becoming aware of what our bodies are trying to tell us is a key to our wellbeing. The practice of living mindfully or intuitively is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

There is a great need to free ourselves from constricting mind-sets and the limits they place on our health and wellbeing, and to appreciate the importance of becoming guardians of our own health.

Choosing to change your situation is not always easy.

Your head tells you one thing – usually to accept your lot. Your heart tells you another – it’s tired of the pain, the pills, feeling bad it just wants to be free to happily enjoy life, family and a purposeful existence. When the desire to be well becomes strong enough – you will decide enough is enough “I am going to act”. You may have even tried before.

Your functional health

Our purpose at Focus Leadership Coaching is to enable you to restore what is rightfully, and importantly yours and your environments – health and wellbeing

We do this in several ways:


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