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Focus Leadership Coaching is based in Palmerston North. Training seminars are held throughout the year in Palmerston North, Masterton, and Wellington. Please get in touch to arrange seminars or speaking engagements in other locations.

The LEADING Edge - First Fast and Fearless Leadership

The LEADING Edge - First Fast and Fearless Leadership


The one dimensional manager is no longer.

The future survival of organisations is dependent on their managers being able to not only manage but to be leaders and performance coaches as well.

Managers who are also leaders and coach for performance build successful teams and organisations

The ability of managers and leaders to be able to operate in all three dimensions, often in the same conversation, is now putting organisations at the leading edge of change, innovation and productivity

THE LEADING EDGE training is designed to impart the skills and knowledge necessary to survive and thrive in the future as it is emerging.

First — to adapt, bring innovation, embrace change, exceed expectations and grow.

Fast — leading/managing individually and as a team player, working at the pace of global business.

Fearless — making the tough calls and taking absolute responsibility for your personal professionalism.

This seminar is challenging; both on a personal and leadership level. Laying a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to build and develop a future in leadership and management.

Seminar Content

  • Future Management and Leadership Skills

  • Vision, Values and Culture

  • The Psychology of Change

  • The Dynamics of Team Building

  • Influencing Behaviour and Motivation

  • Principles of Performance Coaching

  • Millennials, Virtual Teams and Freelancing

  • Agility Resilience and Adaptability

  • Developing Professional Capital

Who Should Attend

Managers and leaders from business organisations, government departments, self-employed, anyone who is in or aspires to move into a leadership management role, or is currently a foreman, supervisor, or volunteer community leader.

When & Where

Dates and venues to be confirmed. Enrolments are not currently open.


Course fee is $240.00


  • An intensive interactive one day seminar

  • Two one-on-one follow up coaching sessions valued at $110.00

  • A set of course notes

  • A certificate for your CV

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