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Focus Leadership Coaching is based in Palmerston North. Training seminars are held throughout the year in Palmerston North, Masterton, and Wellington. Please get in touch to arrange seminars or speaking engagements in other locations.

Living Forward - The Psychology of Success

Living Forward - The Psychology of Success



If you: 

  • Desire to change your life for the better

  • Have an ambition you want to achieve

  • Want to “have a go” at something

  • Start but don’t complete a project

  • Want a particular job or promotion

  • Want life to have some direction

  • Have a health problem to resolve

  • Want to be able to help your family succeed in life

LIVING FORWARD is a seminar that will help you create an exciting and successful future for you and/or your family.

At this seminar you will be re-inventing your future.

You will prepare your own personal success plan.

Followed up by two one on one coaching sessions to ensure you succeed.

Seminar Content

  • Hopes and Dreams – What do you Really Want?

  • Making Changes – Why is it so Difficult?

  • Hopelessness and Optimism – Learning to take back your Power

  • The Practice of Self Esteem – A way of Being

  • Mindfulness – Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, Unhappiness and Exhaustion

  • Health Matters – Key Concepts in Healing the Body

  • What gets you Going – Making Motivation work for You

  • Mind Whispering – Concentration and Focus

  •  The Power of Habits – Habits and Rituals that work Positively.

  • Creating a Success Plan – The steps to achieving your Goals.

  • Your Questions Answered

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for anyone who wants clarity and certainty in their life. That maybe a brighter future, a study or career decision, a business challenge, or simply to be healthy and happy.

You will walk away from the seminar with a new understanding of yourself, a plan to implement, and knowledge and skills that you can teach your families and friends.

When & Where

Dates and venues to be confirmed. Enrolments are not currently open.

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