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Focus Leadership Coaching is based in Palmerston North. Training seminars are held throughout the year in Palmerston North, Masterton, and Wellington. Please get in touch to arrange seminars or speaking engagements in other locations.

FREE: The Future of Work - Anticipating the Future

FREE: The Future of Work - Anticipating the Future


The world of work is changing around us – almost invisibly, but rapidly.

Challenging the capacity of individuals and organisations to think differently, prepare for and successfully manage change. Seriously testing our abilities to manage our reactions mentally and emotionally in new ways.

Are you thinking same stuff different day or still doing things the same this year as you did last year and the year before that? You may be sleep-walking into history.

Seriously, the future for work and organisations is changing. Staff-less supermarkets. Harvesting is now capable of full automation. Will teachers, farmers, travel agents, couriers, or managers survive as we know them?

 What skills will we all need to survive and thrive in the emerging future?

 Join us and learn how you may future proof your career or business.

Seminar Content

  • Discover the trends shaping the world of work

  • Learn the skills of the Future Employee

  • The Evolution of  The Manager

  • Personal and Professional skills of Self Managing Team members

  • How to become a Future Organisation (and stay that way).

  • The Process for Adapting to the Future of Work

  • Leading and Managing Change and Motivation

Who Should Attend

Employers, Employees, Managers, Job Seekers, Volunteers and Mentors. Anyone who is interested in being informed about the trends influencing work and businesses and how to prepare and up skill to future proof their families, careers, communities and organisations.

When & Where

Dates and venues to be confirmed. Enrolments are not currently open.

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