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Focus Leadership Coaching is based in Palmerston North. Training seminars are held throughout the year in Palmerston North, Masterton, and Wellington. Please get in touch to arrange seminars or speaking engagements in other locations.

FREE: Counter Clockwise - A Proven Way to Grow Younger Healthier and Wiser

FREE: Counter Clockwise - A Proven Way to Grow Younger Healthier and Wiser


Open Public Invitation

We all want to live long healthy lives. Chronic disease and illness are not a natural part of the ageing process despite the statistics that tell us that disease rates are on the rise. Almost every day we hear of family friends and neighbours of someone being diagnosed with an illness. Worse than that. We have come to accept illness as normal.

Our body's ability to heal is greater than we have been led to believe. There are any amount of good disease management programs in place. What about not getting sick? And if we do how do we get well again and stay that way? There is a way. It took me three years to become disease free and medication free. But I found a way.

We all know people that look way older than their years and those who look much younger than their years. Why is that? Our chronological age is not the real measure of our age. So what is and how can we take advantage of that?

This seminar is to inform you. To enable you to learn, see, prepare and act. You will learn key leadership skills invaluable to you, family and friends. If you have an interest in your health and want to learn and lead you are welcome.

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