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What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching in the personal and business sense is a scientifically proven process for accelerating achievement and success.

Coaching is a specialist communication style designed to help people maximise their own performance. It is about enabling learning and personal growth. A partnership that enables individuals in successfully achieving their intentions and goals. Coaching can be a highly personalised form of professional learning in personal leadership, team leadership, career progression, productivity and goal achievement. The experience of being coached could be described as professional ‘me time’ where you create your future.

A leadership coach is someone who cares that you create what you say you want and that you follow through with your intentions. The coach is there to hold you to your word, cheer you on and keep you progressing forwards. When difficulties arise, the mountain becomes too daunting, motivation and past failures create barriers or you feel hopeless or discouraged, this is the time you and the coach team up and re-focus.

The two essential qualities in a coach are: a strong desire to see you succeed, and the experience and commitment to do what it takes to ensure you do. And you don’t have to do it alone. Partnering up with a coach accelerates your success.

Two of us are better than one of us.


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Coaching Services

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Focusing on future possibilities, not past mistakes.

Maybe you want to find purpose, achieve a dream, find the real you. A challenging goal to achieve, career or a health issue to resolve.

We love to see you succeeding

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Living Forward – The Psychology of Success

Team coaching

Team coaching is like one-on-one coaching but is facilitated differently. We have the team together and the individuals forming the team. A team is not a team unless they all trust one another and the organisation.

The aim in this context is to create a collective awareness, and generate responsibility and alignment within the team

Performance Coaching

A Coaching Leadership style will, indisputably, create conditions for a high performance culture, self-managing teams, personal professionalism and develop future leaders.

It saves time, gives managers more freedom, improves productivity. It creates a happier, co-operative and self-disciplined workforce.

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The Leading Edge – First, Fast and Fearless Leadership


In house presentation of our public seminars or design and delivery of programmes specific to your situation. Subjects include: Leadership, Coaching, Teamwork, Communication, Managing Change, Productivity, Personal Professionalism and Motivation. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your organisations needs.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness is a positive state – an abundance of vitality and wellbeing. It includes having good energy, sharp mind, a balanced mood, feeling motivated, clear skin, good mobility, freedom from illness and unhealthy habits.

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Living Forward – The Psychology of Success

Counter Clockwise  - A Proven Way to Grow Younger Healthier and Wiser

Volunteer services training

So many volunteers and special interest groups contribute greatly to the welfare of our communities yet few get the opportunity to gain up-skilling and knowledge to help with their personal and group effectiveness. On a case by case basis we offer our services in training and coaching to support the activities of these groups as our free contribution to the community.


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