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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

You Can Say No to Cancer

A while ago I sat in my Doctors office after my third biopsy. With a sense of triumph the Doctor announced “We have found something”. Great! My heart rate went up. What he had found was that I had cancer. It was malignant and aggressive. I was in deep trouble and totally shocked.

How did this happen? What can I do about it? How can I get well again and stay that way?

Questions raced through my head. I had to find answers. I started on a long three year journey back to health.

The first and most important step was to be totally clear about the outcome I wanted. And that was, to be completely healthy again.

Fight it? Yes. But I knew that “how” I fight would be the absolute key to success. For many reasons. You don’t fight cancer or any health challenge. You choose to become pro-health.

This is a major mind shift for most people. It applies in all health situations. This is because of the way our thinking has been conditioned. How we think and what we believe determines our reality.

I knew that the medical team would be superbly supportive and they were. Together with my coach, family and some key people working on my team I had a really great outcome for which I am extremely grateful. I am fully recovered.

Whatever the health situation you find yourself in know that you too can at least substantially improve your health and quality of life and potentially heal completely.

There are some crucial steps that need to be taken.

You can say no to ill health and yes to sparkling good health.

It starts with choosing to be 100% healthy.

Then taking decisive action. Gather your team. Start the journey

Talk with me.

I have been there.

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