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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

The Confidence Game


Whether you call it “lack of confidence,” “fear of failure,” “performance anxiety,” “self-doubt,” or “low self-esteem,” the chances are it has cost you dearly in your life. Take a moment to consider: What have you given up? What have you missed out on? What opportunities have you lost because of it?

Over the years thousands of people have put their hopes, dreams and ambitions on hold because they “don’t have enough confidence.” Low self-confidence can be and is a huge block to our growth and progress in life and careers.

And the unfortunate thing about this is, this lack of confidence is not due to any fault of their own. It is certainly not because of lack of intelligence, laziness, a deprived childhood, or lack of motivation.

It is simply because they have never been taught the rules of the Confidence Game.

Cherie Carter-Scott wrote a book titled, “If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules,”

Like any game there are skills and abilities that need to be Learned, Understood and Practiced for you to become skilled or competent. Self-confidence comes from knowing and practicing these skills on a daily basis. Confidence does not come from wishing. It comes (or goes) as a result of our daily practices.

We all can choose to develop genuine, lasting self confidence that will enhance every area of our lives – from sports, business, career, studies, parenting, motivation and relationships.

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