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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Managers Must Also be Leaders


Anyone within an organisation has the potential to become a leader, but managers must also be leaders.

A leader who cannot manage has a vision of where they want to go but little in the way of the skills necessary to get there. A manager who cannot lead lacks the ability to build trust and create the team environment necessary for high performance and growth.

The manager focuses on control, delegation, productivity, the bottom line, process and efficiency.

The leader focuses on vision, engagement, new ideas, enablement, innovation and transformation

We can no longer afford to separate managers’ and leaders’ skill sets.

Today we live and work in a very different world. The pace of business is rapid. The workforce has different expectations about their contributions to an enterprise and how they want to be treated.

Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs are considered great team leaders who managed and built successful organisations that tower above their competitors.

Bezos and Jobs are leaders who created cultures that inspired their people to thrive as individuals and teams. They willingly gave all they had simply because they loved their work and where they worked. The speed of change and the pace at which business is conducted is no longer lineal it is exponential and ongoing.

For individuals this means the development of a new concept of personal professionalism and for managers to take up the leadership challenge.

Managers who are Leaders build successful teams

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