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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Knowledge is Power - Yeah Right


For as long as I can remember I have heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power”. Quoted by everyone from grandparents, teachers and anyone in a position to beat you with the phrase into some form of compliance to their wishes. It implies that if you are not knowledgeable you are therefore bound to be unsuccessful.

If this is the case why is it that amongst my generation of peers the ones who were not regarded as bright went off to work with no recognised specialist knowledge or qualifications and yet succeeded in becoming millionaires?

What is it that enabled them to rise up and succeed?

Every one of them had three important attributes. They had a natural curiosity. They liked to try new experiences. They hunted for the knowledge that they needed to enable them to pursue their dream.

All of them were into lifelong continuous learning. It didn’t matter to them where they started. They knew this for sure and certain. If you don’t want to learn no one can help you. If you want to learn no one can stop you.

In discussing their success with them I found that each one had an eye on the future. They knew what it took to get there wasn’t going to be enough to keep them there. They were living forward. Remaining current whilst preparing to move with changing times.

They, like all of us, have a tremendous ability to grow and become the person we want to be. We are all a lot happier when we are growing and achieving. We are in effect creating our own futures.

The one thing. The one outstanding attribute of all these people, all high achievers, and for anyone who chooses is this – without exception:

They took action.

David AnsleyComment