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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

The Secrets of Healthy People

There are some people who rarely get sick. They have high energy, a positive mood, and they look good and feel great. They don’t gain weight, lose their memory or end up needing a fist full of drugs. They hardly ever see a doctor, but live a long and healthy life and pass away of natural causes.

We all know people who look younger than their years - and people who look much older than their years. Why is this? How can this be? What is their secret?

There are two very important characteristics that these people share.

They understand that keeping good health is an essential life skill. A skill that we can acquire and incorporate into our lives easily and naturally.

They have made a deliberate choice to take care of their personal wellbeing. A decision that has enabled them to stay young and live long, happy and healthy lives.

Throughout the world there are special populations of people who are well known for their health and longevity. They live in areas known as “Blue Zones” and have been well studied to discover the secrets of their amazing wellbeing. Living on average ten years longer than similar populations throughout the world. They have the highest concentration of centenarians that have lived and are living today.

Health is not just the absence of disease, but also an abundance of vitality. Functional health can be measured in three ways:

1. Performance – how we perform physically and mentally.

2. Absence of ill health – lack of disease signs and symptoms.

3. Longevity – healthy lifespan.

Wherever we find ourselves in our health situation we can all improve and gain or regain health vitality and experience a quality life like the “Blue Zone” populations. But only if we want to.

What would be a shame is having that opportunity for health and then choosing to do nothing to help ourselves.

If we do nothing – nothing will change.