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Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Our Focus Determines Our Reality

Coaching for Productive Performance

The most effective Managers and Leaders have the qualities of a great Coach.

Leaders who have and use Coaching in their management practice:

  • Have more effective teams

  • Grow and retain their key people and

  • Experience higher productivity overall

Coaching, in essence, is a specialist communication style.

Coaching is a methodology that allows us to work with change, on a personal level, on an organizational level and on a relationship level. As people become aware of coaching to facilitate purposeful change, the application of coaching for performance is growing.

In the corporate world coaching was once an exclusive perk of executives and rising stars, but it is now a standard component in the organizational toolkit to help employees, managers, supervisors and executives in their personal development and most importantly their contributions to the organization's success. Organizations have learned that highly motivated and fulfilled employees produce high-performance results.

There is now increasing pressure to be productive, adaptable, responsible, changeable and teachable.  Coaching in this context is about enabling people to move forward, to achieve their potential and produce the outcomes and accountability that their role in the team and life in general necessitate.

Coaching is not a soft touch.

One of the essential qualities of a coach is that they absolutely bring out the truth – the truth about where someone is strong, for example, and where they are holding back or falling short. Coaching is about “forwarding” the action.

The biggest impact on performance comes from day to day coaching

When Leaders adopt coaching as a management practice they tap into a most powerful form of motivation. That is self-motivation. A self-motivated individual is self-managing, disciplined and brings their professional practice to the team and overall productivity.

This is Personal Professionalism.

Leaders who learn to use performance coaching produce high performing teams and individuals and gain a cutting edge advantage in a competitive environment.

Coaching has become an Essential Leadership Skill.