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Passion. Experience. Dedication.

My Story

I am a Leadership Coach, Teacher and Business owner - developer with over 30 years of experience in these roles.

My first employment was with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, ending my days there as the Area Manager of the National Training and Development Group.

My entrepreneurial spirit led to being involved in the formation of two successful businesses. The first a Private Training Establishment, LDC (NZ) Ltd, delivering training in industry and under contract to government departments.

On moving forward from LDC I went freelance consulting as David Ansley and Associates. In this role I negotiated and contracted to design and facilitate the delivery of specialist programs for industries, government departments, private training establishments and schools.

Next was Inside-Out (2007) Ltd Home & Commercial Cleaning. On selling the client base, Inside-Out Ltd has become the parent company for Focus Leadership Coaching, concentrating on performance coaching and leadership development.

I know from experience the leadership challenges involved in life, in today’s working environment and in business. I get great satisfaction from seeing and enabling people to grow and succeed.

That is why I have become a Leadership Coach.

David Ansley Dip LC,
Leadership Coach



Diploma LC
Certificate LC
Professional Certificate Inclusive Leadership
Certificate Adult Learning (Instructional Design)
Certificates in Human Anatomy/Physiology and Lifestyle Medicine
Teaching Certificate




I would like to formally acknowledge your contribution to the recent Quality Assurance in Education Conference - your considerable efforts were sincerely appreciated.
— Brett | Conference Coordinator | NZQA

We believe the success of the programs run at our Affco site in Manawatu, and acknowledgement as the best WINZ funded industry training program in NZ, is directly attributable to David’s skills. We look forward to continuing our partnership with David.
— Christine | Human Resources Manager | Affco

The WINZ funded training courses for long term unemployment facilitated by David were very successful, with between 80-100% of participants gaining employment. Due to this success, David received acknowledgement and a visit from the Chief Executive of WINZ.
— Paul | Work Broker | WINZ

Today my respect for you as a manager has grown. Under tremendous pressure you held your cool and conducted yourself for the greater good of the whole team.
— I.S. | MAF

The ability to facilitate productive learning experiences with groups of students exhibiting very challenging learning behaviours is a credit to David’s skill and adaptability as a teacher.
— HOD | Special Needs

Very pleasing to hear of David’s involvement in this program. He has some very positive ideas to progress the course and I am looking forward to seeing the results.
— Christine M-J | Skill NZ

An adept business operator who has grown two successful businesses and who’s encouragement and advice I have always valued.
— Graeme

As you have always provided an exemplary service exactly to our specifications in the past, I would strongly urge you to acquire ISO certification so that you can continue to supply your training service to us.
— Bruce T | Plant Manager | Richmond Group