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Enabling success


Enhancing the performance and learning ability of others

All people naturally desire to matter; to make a significant contribution to their lives and the lives of others, and to have purpose, learn, and grow. Throughout life I have been fortunate to be in positions of leadership, whether teaching, coaching, creating and managing businesses, or in sporting pursuits. For me the driving force has been to focus on enabling people to succeed.

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already." - John Buchan

Coaching focuses on unlocking people’s gifts, talents and knowledge. Enabling them to gain the greatest possible benefits from their own performance both personally and professionally. Leadership coaches are skilled in bringing out the best in people. Coaching is fast developing into the best way to improve thinking, processing information and enhancing the performance and success of individuals and teams.

Start the process with a complimentary introductory discussion, where we prepare a personal proposal for you. To set up an obligation free introductory discussion, email, text or contact us now.


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The initial step to explore working together is a complimentary professional discussion, at the end of which you will know for sure how you want to proceed.

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Coaching Services

Group Seminars

We offer a range of educational and developmental seminars at a specific locations. Seminars are instructive and challenging. Each participant receives personal coaching follow-up after the seminar to embed skill transfer and improved personal and professional effectiveness. Visit our seminars page for full details, locations and enrolment information.


We offer coaching for individuals enabling their success in life both personally and professionally. We all have aspirations for ourselves but sometimes getting and staying on the right track is difficult. The problems and obstacles life throws at us can create barriers and blocks to our progress. Becoming your personal coach to facilitate you through this process is what we do best.


In house presentation of our public seminars or design and delivery of programmes specific to your situation. Subjects include: Leadership, Coaching, Teamwork, Communication, Managing Change, Productivity, Personal Professionalism and Motivation. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your organisations needs.

Wellbeing coaching

Choosing to be healthy is to take the initiative to improve our overall wellbeing. So many people have health related challenges. We either live with it and the consequences as a life sentence or decide to do something to make things better. Where to start is often the tough question. Teaming up with an experienced coach is a good option. How good will it feel to wake up each morning and feeling great?

Growth & Development

Our purpose in life is really quite simple – firstly, to grow as a person and to challenge our mind-sets. Secondly, to become a better person tomorrow than we were today.

We strive to advance that ideal through our personal coaching, group seminars and our services within the community.

Community services

So many volunteers and special interest groups contribute greatly to the welfare of our communities yet few get the opportunity to up-skill and gain knowledge to help with their personal and group effectiveness. On a case by case basis we offer our services in training and coaching to support the activities of these groups as our free contribution to the community. T&Cs apply.


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